Greetings and a warm welcome to my website! I am Katia Hoffman and I'm the Owner and Creative Director of Katia Hoffman Designs.


As a young girl in my native Russia, I grew up surrounded by hundreds of years of art and architecture that defined the modern city of Moscow. The rich colors, ornate scrollwork and opulence influenced my visual language- this was a city that inspired me at an early age. In 1989, my husband and I, along with my young son, moved to New York City. There, I started working as a textile designer in the Garment District and I made a career creating hand painted designs and then digital designs for apparel and quilting companies. It was my good fortune to work with some of the most inspiring companies in the textile industry and I learned my craft well.   Then in 2012, with the encouragement and support of my husband and (two!) sons, I decided to take the plunge and branch out on my own.   I wanted to create my own collections of quilting fabrics so I partnered with the California based company, EBI Fabrics, and I created their very first quilting fabric division. Quilting fabric was a new endeavor for EBI, but they believed in my talent, experience and vision to support the new business. The fabric collections you'll see on my website are all a labor of love. I have a hands on approach so every line drawn, every color chosen and placed have all been been given careful attention by me. From the initial concepts to the finished fabric, I have touched every part to ensure that the highest quality design and finished product are brought to the consumer. I hope you enjoy looking at my designs and if you would like to see more, please visit, The World Art Group, and